சிந்திக்க அல்ல, சுவைக்க.
Not to think, but to taste

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

like my old man used to say...

earthquake galore! today, we were reminded of what happened in 2006 when platonic plates made their annual journey of shifting more rigorously then they were supposed too which in turn resulted in massive destructions for some  and long holidays for some. those were dark times, as the nations who were hit struggled to waltz back on their feet. a big feat, considering many of them were blessed with two left feet.

went to see my hamster this morning, but since hamster was playing away in dreamland, hamster was beyond the contactable range, so had to travel back  home. bummer. considering i woke up at 8 to get there by 10 am. aaahhh, the things heart and hormones make you do... so as hamster drifted off in sleep after night shift, i was on my way back on the local "tube" you tubing and facebooking, when the coach started to shake and rock like it was on heat on the dance floor. for what seemed like an eternity but was only a eight of a minute, it was kind off exciting!

i thought it encountered a roadkill of some sort that hit the trails mile high, like a dead bird or something, but sooner then i could say y'll  i was  generously hit with twits saying that its red alert as we could be possibly facing remake of 24 december 2006. god is sometimes a ridiculously funny director, who don't get cues from major blockbuster flops that he engineers. very much like some of those from the country that churns out movie like it was no ones business. oh wait, it is no one's business. thats another story, back to tsunami.

and suddenly i found myself sweating profusely even though it was freaking cold in the coach, i quickly thought that i haven't assigned who gets' what if i'm gone, i haven't graduated yet, and the lists of sin i planned to do before i face judgement day and as if, the director heard the actors woes, i heard a heavenly voice singing, "next station, ampang park... stesen berikutnya, ampang park". i quickly grabbed my bag, phone, coffee and whatever i could grab ( lolxxx ) and made my way to solid ground. and along the way, i changed the plan to get an apartment and opted for house on the ground, like my old man used to say. now thats a new addition to the list of sins that i pledge to commit. amen.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


why do indian men have to drink like fish? why do they have to get high and loose all self control , which will deprive all respect they have? why must they act barbaric? why must the make start to swear? why? why?
many tales from fore and yore have been told abut what happens when people get drunk and always indian men get associated with booze. I DON'T DRINK. most of my friends drink like that is the antidote for a terminal illness.

and what happens when they loose control? they loose their better judgment, if they ever had one.. last saturday an old man, probably around fifties caused a ruckus when he got drunk and grabbed a girls breast at my friends 21 birthday party.. and all hell broke loose.. 2 months of preparation lost down the drain and now she is getting the blame.. i wanna go on m1 mode hear, but..im still not ready to be that direct(or brave perhaps) yet..

gosh..im controlling so much things that is flowing  out of my mind now.. sayonara...

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

wat a saturday!

 yesterday i had a tiring and fun day out after what seemed like a gazillion years. met up with komathy and mohana at lrt ampang and waited for kuna n mythily who was yet to arrive. while waiting, again we chanced upon kalpana, who d last time we met after 4 years was during d last time d 3 of us went to see kandasamy at klcc. i was like why every time we three are together, she must show up? one answer. stalker! after bursting out into fits of hysterical and cynical laughter, they chit chat all the way till she got down at pudu while i just mhm'd and aha'd all the while and got down at hang tuah n made our way to times square where kuna was supposed to join us there straight since raj is already waiting there. met raj after so long..huhuhuh this guy sat next to me for a whole year in upper 6 n he will sms to speak to me and miss call to get my attention(call me sounds so cliche!) and hear he was all beaming and shaking hands..

had a wonderful time at the theme park till i lost track of time and that i was supposed to get a present for my college mate's birthday party that evening. asked one of my friends who i'm going with to get it and rushed back home to find my cousin sister messed up with the internet connection cables. sorted it out, showered, dressed and rushed back to lrt ampang , got down at masjid jamek and rushed to central market where he was waiting for me. got in to the car and went to the party following the crude map the birthday girl drew for me. when we finally made it, we were like one and half hours late but, hey we made it , thats more important.. had a nice evening there and since the part is just across the road fro titiwangsa lake garden, we took leave early and went for a nice stroll in the garden, talking and laughing..

around 11 pm we walked back to the car only to see a guy who was in the party shouting furiously and loudly over the phone about wanting to take a guys hand.. the gate was closed, and most of the guests, comprising my mates school friends, who are girls as she is from a girls school, standing outside looking scared . we did not wait to see what is groin to happen and quickly made our way  to the car and zipped off from there.. still yet to here  form my mate on what happen.. tomorrow our class resumes back after two weeks raya holidays and i will find out then..

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

post raya

happy eid to all my dear muslim friends who, after a month of fast, will be welcomin the month of syawal with forgiveness and an open heart. selamat hari raya aidilfitri dan maaf zahir dan batin.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

last nite

this is the last nite of my sem break that saw many actions or rather changes in my life. tomorrow i will begin my classes with a new sense of freedom. no pretending , but no dual life either. sad, when people you expect to be there for you turn their back and start to condemn and alter you into their reality. really sad.

well, to a new beginning, to a new fight, to a new identity, to a new journey. baby, this is the nite. the last nite..
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Tuesday, 1 September 2009


it's that time of the year again. the time where the superiors makes all kinds of gimmick , enticing people into actually thinking that they are the guardians of national identity. the time where people get all wrapped up insemangat patriotik. the time where the flag war starts. the time where the advert people start to make money. the time where, well politicians urge to make more movies about war heroes to educate the young about the sacrifices that they make. kids its MERDEKA time..

besides being a way too much overated holiday, that lost its purpse way before i was born, MERDEKA do have have its message to all of us. nope, its not unity, or perpaduan or one malaysia or two kl or three selangor or stuff.. cause all this is useless if we fail to, well accept. not like in this-is-our-fate-we-are-so-doomed-tiil-eternity kind off thingy, but in a more subtle way, to acknowledge the presence of others and accept them as part of our rich community. rich in the sense of culture, talent, and personality. accepting the others who are different from us, people who don't share the same view with us, will definately pave the way to bridge any gap that is between us.

next i would really love to see change is the cleanliness habbits of our fellow citizens. first, stop throwing rubbish anywhere and everywhere except the bin. and i do dearly hope that there are more rubbish bins available throughout the country, especially zones which has high human traffic. the already available one are eithersedang diselanggara or out of porportion and shape. there is no prize for slam dunkin rubbish into the bin or free throws give any marks to any imaginary teams the cracked up wackos conjured up with. as disgustin as it may sound, many of them dont even give a second thought before pursing the lips and pushing the saliva with brute force out of their system. yes, spitting is anther sickly mortifying habbit of our fellow malaysians. thats one things that they are united in. all are the same breed.

love to cakap cakap a bit panjang, but i dont have the mood nor the nergy..so im ending this post abruptly with a video i took while waitng for lrt at masjid jamek.. H A P P Y M E R D E K A people...

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