சிந்திக்க அல்ல, சுவைக்க.
Not to think, but to taste

Thursday, 30 April 2009


gosh , its been quite a while since i scribbled something here. this new semester is draining me like what stpm did to me. literally, i need to change my specs, as my vision is starting to blur  due to constant staring at the monitor, need to get a back pack, files for lecture notes, more thumb drives, printer ink, more and more dvd-r's, BREAK! and more time to sleep.  and oh yeah, i got to reformat ma old pc and instal linux operating system and sync it with my new pc before the end of this week and learn some sql basics by the end of this week end. labour day or not, i want student day, no week, or month!  okie sun, u r goin crazy, so take a deep breath....im fine.  i managed to get some sleep today from my  way back from class and  that caused me to miss my stop. woke up  at the terminal and walked all the way back home under the sweltering sun. thats almost 2 km. i seriously dont need this workout, as im already skinny except some spare tyres. which i think wont go away even if i starve to death.  so im just glad to be alive. and healthy, i think.  amen

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Monday, 20 April 2009

till now

woke up at 10 coz slept at 3 in the morning watching past episodes of charmed. darshana was on the assaultive wailing mode, she practically woke u[p the whole neighbourhood by her never ending siren. slept with two pillows stuffed over my head. after waking up had a long shower, called up celcom, to enquire about my postpaid bill, "collected" money from mum, rueched up because KOGI told me that the class starts today and not on wednesday, 1.30 pm. already late, so stuffed some food and walked to the bustop. waited for the bus for like 45 minutes, boarded it and setlled down. the bus, rolled down lazily along the road and made long pit stops every 3 hundred meter or so. cursed and cussed the driver and ticketer. got down and practicaly ran to college, as it was already 1.50 pm. came here only to find that the class is indeed on wednesday and not today. waiting for kogi now.

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Sunday, 19 April 2009


went to watch movies yesterday with kuna. long time never go out, so decided to go out yesterday and do some catching up. kuna as usual was hillarious, we argued and debated about almost everything and evevryone, had a ball of time. watched ayan and confessions of a shopaholic. loughed our guts out and makan nicely. was damm tired went came back late yesterday. mum was as usual furious, but she did not do the usual drama. slept off like a baby. :D

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Lost twins?

Look like tamanah? Nope! Its deborah priya henry, arguably d preetiest miss malaysia! Ad for stage make up, mid v.

Thursday, 16 April 2009



untitled post

i reached the benchmark to be acknowledged as an adult last sunday, the not so cool 21, as i have discovered. the only question people ask after wishing me, when are you goin to get hitched? or when are you goin to find yourself a girlfriend? whats up with these , sudden questions? is it like a must that when you reach that age, one must start to hunt high and low for a companion? for st. pete's sake people, im only 21! not 31! 
i was fine all these while, and now i'm not cause i don't have girlfreind?  why? do i look desparate for one? or did the goverment anounced anywhere recently that if you don't have a girlfriend , then you are not eligible to vote?unless its something like that, im not bothered, but it does bothers me when people ask me that question. whats wrong being a singleton?  i haven't met any girl that swept me off my feet, so to speak, so im contented with being , well me for now. period  

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Monday, 13 April 2009


i bowed down to the final paper today with a struggle. hope the glory will be worthwhile. now its cuti  time......yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Friday, 10 April 2009


whenever we make new friends over the internet, must we put photos that is deemed cool? some time not so distant in the past, some  people i know were busy taking pictures when we were hanging out. i mean i camwhore too, but what bothered me was, they were so busy taking the perfect picture, repeating the same umm, pose again and again till they thought it was well perfect. when i asked why, their reply was i want to put this as my profile pic. don't get me wrong, but whats the point if that doesn't really resembles the real you as if in the real you, not faking a pose but trully you? i pose too, and i put those pictures in a few social networks that i keep up with, but not to the extent that can make people assume me as someone whom i'm not... most of the times, u look at a person profile, it will be at their level best, which is a good thing, and i'm not condemming it, but what bothers me, why do you have to pretend to be someone you are not to get some random starngers attention? make sense? first impression counts, but do we really judge a book by its cover? or am i a poor confused soul who seem to think too much? 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2009


had and an exam on monday, intro to softwre development,  one more to go next monday. coming sunday is my birthday.  yaay, im gonna be 21!!!!! but cannot celebrate cause the folowing day i have my last paper for the term, intro to computer systems, lots of things to read.... hmmmmmmmm, tough luck. 

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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

batu caves

last sunday i was at batu caves with my family. its been a while since we went to pray together at any temple for the matter of fact, since thaipusam, so dad took us there. it was fun, as i always liked batu caves, the atmosphere, the sheer SPACE (weird huh?), and best of al, the scenery that never cease to amaze me. it was raining, more like a heavy drizzle i would say, as it was not actually raining, it was like some sort of misty spray, very fine droplets that kept the surrounding very cool and clouded with  a whitish tinge. nice.
no monkeys or birds though, disappointing, but nevertheless, there were humans to keep me entertained. i mean that in a very good manner, as there were a lot kids that had their ears poked and heads shaved that day, so it was kinda fun to watch, kids running around screaming their lungs out, playin in the puddle with their best clothes on, which in turn drove the oldies into a fit of frenzy, gosh  it was happening. yuppie, temple = happening. where else can you get this if not in our own backyard? 
tourist flocked the place, rain or shine as usual, with garlands dancing from their neck, babies cradled in their carriers, snapping away to the activity that  flamed off when the clock ticked close to 8 pm, and calmness returned back to the place, after all the activity that took place, one wonder what happened to all the energy and enthusiasm? but that was not the case, 'cause as the place became brigthly lit up, out came the monkeys! hehehehehehe... enjoyed very much before returning home to prepare for the following days' exam..


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Thursday, 2 April 2009

central market

last week, after having lunch with my coursemates, chi chi and kogi, at central market food court we went around the place, as chi chi has not seen it before. imagine she has been in mlaysia for the past five years, and don't know what is nasi lemak, or they dont provide cups at mamak shops when you order "bungkus" or take away as she calls it but rather is plastic bags, or we buy snaks on the road side and eat it while walking and talking. nope. she doesn't and finds it strange and exciting, as she puts it. 
so we went around checking out shops, and went snappy crazy. these are the fews that i like and i promised that we will go snappy again, another day as there is so much things to capture!

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